The No Code Necessary Vault

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Get a selection of the best articles on Cold Outreach.

Whether you’re killing it on cold outreach or just starting… you’ve likely been there…

You lack inspiration for your copy. Your campaign needs a new strategy. You’re not sure which tool to use. You forgot how to properly set up your domain…

So you naturally go to Google, look for a solution to your problem and bump into SEO-optimized content that doesn’t solve your issues.

I know how it’s like, I have been there.

That’s why I started compiling a list of resources.

Every time I’d read a great article, I would save it and categorize it. 

Every time I had a cold email related question, I would find the answer and add it to my vault. 

Every time I lacked inspiration, I would search for the best templates and save the best ones. 

Every time I wouldn’t know which tools to use, I would spend hours comparing different tools to finally choose one.

This resulted in a huge list of resources kept in my vault. 

The results of months of work, hundreds of campaigns, thousands of cold emails sent.

Today, I decided to give it out.

This curated list of resources includes:

  • A collection of the best sales blog posts sorted by category
  • Tutorials showing you step-by-step how to kickstart your lead generation process
  • Advanced outreach tactics that only a few people know about
  • Templates you can directly use for your outreach campaigns
  • Growth Hacks that will get you more clients

And much more...

You can get it all for just $17/month.

Every week, this vault of resources will be fed with new content. More categories will be added, more secrets will be shared.

Want to see for yourself?

Have a look at the Free version. This will give you a sneak peek of what you can expect to see in the complete list.

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get a complete databases of resources we've collected over the years. Everything from SOPs, Articles, Slack Bots, Videos, etc

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The No Code Necessary Vault

22 ratings